Aquatop’s New AF-400 Professionally Reviewed

The new Aquatop AF – 400 Canister Filter is an excellent and unique addition to the filtration options available to hobbyists. I have mine on a 120 gallon tank that is home to 9 almost fully grown F1 “Peruvian Altum” angelfish, plus some large plecos, 6 rams and a bunch of catfish. The AF – 400 is rated at 396 gph, and has simple to position intake and return tubes. The compartments in the filter allow for easy placement and cleaning of filtering and biological materials. Two innovative components of the AF – 400 that make it an excellent filter are 1) the self-priming switch, which fills the filter with water without any siphoning required, and 2) the integrated UV bulb that can be switched on/off as desired. I would strongly recommend the AF – 400 for any hobbyist looking for a top-of-the-line canister filter.

David A. Lass —

Has been keeping aquariums since he was a kid in the late 60’s. He started a chain of four retail pet stores and a wholesale import/distribution company. He currently imports fish, and wholesales to stores in New England. In addition to his fish room for the wholesale business, David keeps a number of large display tanks and koi ponds.


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