How to Setup an Undergravel Filter on Aquatop’s ST-Series of Tanks

Setting up an undergravel filter is often times quite simple.  There are usually a minimal amount of pieces and the setup is generally very straight forward.  Aquatop’s ST-Series of Bowfront tanks are supplied with an undergravel filter and occasionally customers ask, “How do I set this up?”

There are approximately four parts included with the Aquatop undergravel filter. 

  1. Undergravel Plate
  2. Powerhead/pump
  3. Uplift tube
  4. Return spout

It should be duly noted that the substrate in your tank should by no means be able to pass through the undergravel plate.  Substrates small enough to pass through the plate will likely impede the impeller on the powerhead/pump and may cause the pump to malfunction.


The above picture shows how the filter looks when it is setup. The location of the plate is subjective to the person setting up the tank and does not have a proprietary or mandatory location.  You may consider placing the the plate in an area where fish are more likely to “do their business.”

Below you will find pictures of one of our office tanks.  It is an ST-320,, done up with a nice earth colored substrate




As you can see from the above pictures, the overall setup is rather inconspicuous and even better, there is nothing hanging on the tank! You may also notice that there are no fish in this tank.  It is presently going through the nitrogen cycle and has been setup for about 4 days.

Want to know more?

Here is a link to an informative Youtube video that I came across while putting this article together.  The dynamics of undergravel filters are explained quite well and should offer a better understanding as to exactly how this sponge-less design is so effective.


Thank you for reading!


-Ben Webster

Aquatop Aquatic Supplies,, Hobbyist, Aquarist

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